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Ali + Greg of BEAM

I had the pleasure of meeting Ali + Greg on one of their Sunday Funday open houses at their newly opened Brooklyn store on Kent Ave. I loved their colorful space and all of their amazing designers’ work! I was so excited that they work with a lot of local, Brooklyn based, up and coming artists, and that they had such an interest in the latest and greatest new things.

Check them out !


Here are a few from our latest shoot! We had a blast! Ali + Greg are great.




BEAM_AKP_08.26.14_0436Brooklyn tastemakers.

good thing

Latest and greatest from good thing ny. An amazing young group of designers, selling innovative new and simple products. Jamie Wolfand and Sam Anderson, head the team of creatives at their new Bushwick studio. Super cool designs. Super simple. Exciting to use.

So lucky to be a part of their creations! Check out all of their work. Truly all good things!




GoodThing_11.03.14_0167 GoodThing_11.03.14_0222_Rev3 GoodThing_11.03.14_0380 GoodThing_11.03.14_0429 GoodThing_11.03.14_0536 GoodThing_11.03.14_0582_Rev1 GoodThing_11.03.14_0586_Rev1 GoodThing_11.03.14_0621

Meet Bhold’s Susan Taing

Susan is the owner of Bhold, an amazing Queens based company specializing in 3-d printed products! I was blown away by her designs at the Maker Fair, and had to learn more about what she was creating.

She specializes in making products for modern devices such as cord wraps, phone stands, phone car mounts, and many more devices to make your interaction with your phone and devices even better. One of my favorite is the Bheard Sound Pod, an amazing cup-like object that amplifies your phone’s speakers… too cool! The neatest part is that each invention goes through 30 plus prototypes which are 3-D printed and beta tested, before they go to market!

Check out her site and her colorful products. Here’s some of my favorites from the shoot in their Queens office studio.




in2Green in Hastings-On-Hudson

Great new company I photographed called in2Green! I met Lori at NY Now and we decided to do a shoot at her cute house in Hastings-On-Hudson–which I fell in love with!

In2Green uses all upcycled materials for their throws, blankets, and knitwear. All the materials come from recycled, organic cotton materials in which t-shirt fabrics are re-fiberized into threads and spun into yarn that they make all of their textiles. Not only is it earth friendly in that it reduces land and landfill use, but no extra dyes or chemicals are added. Too cool!

Check them out online at


Here’s some photos I love from our shoot!

in2green_10.13.14_0403 in2green_10.13.14_0252_V2in2green_10.13.14_0732_NoFlowerin2green_10.13.14_0715_12x12@300dpi_03  in2green_10.13.14_0756-1 in2green_10.13.14_0866_cropped in2green_10.13.14_0990 in2green_10.13.14_1108 in2green_10.13.14_1160

Lori Slater Co-founder of in2green

Martha’s American Made Nominee!


MY PHOTOS made it to American Made awards with my favorite company I’ve worked so hard to capture, A.Heirloom!

Go check them out online, see our latest photos, and vote for them!

…the number to beat is 4000 votes and you can vote up to 6 times, each day!



Meet Liz Carlis of 1.by.liz


Liz Carlis is one of those makers + shakers of Brooklyn! She’s a teacher, clock-maker, business owner, freelance blog writer, and children’s classroom design adviser. Her specialty though, is making one of kind clocks! Each is made from re-used bicycle parts made of unique vintage fabric, and maps! Each clock is handmade and one of kind, hence the cute name, “1.by.liz. ” found on Etsy.

Liz takes part in teaching seminars for Etsy as well, showing newcomers and small businesses how to create a more marketable Etsy page through thoughtful photography and other tools. She is also an author at Playful Learning, an amazing blog.

Check her out!



Liz-Lifestyle_9.16.14_13546 Liz-Lifestyle_9.16.14_13644_1Liz-Carlis_AKP_0289  Liz-Carlis_AKP_0299-cropped_horizontal  Liz-Lifestyle_9.16.14_13713_1